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Atlanta and the metro areas in Georgia have been home to Green Sense Recycling since the 1980's. We began the process of commercial cardboard recycling and commercial paper recycling by launching our own materials recovery facility in the city of Atlanta. By leveraging our own fleet of tractors, trailers, and compactors we have been servicing customers in Atlanta and the suburbs of Georgia to provide maximum flexibility. Our long-term relationships with local paper mills as well as utilizing the Savannah ports to access foreign markets allows us to pass along the highest rates with prompt payment terms.

Cardboard recycling rates have been dramatically increasing over the past 12-18 months. Additionally, our cumulative volume allows Green Sense Recycling to obtain the best rates possible. If your business has a location in Atlanta or a suburb of Georgia and you would like a current proposal to ensure you are obtaining the highest rates possible, give us a call or send us a message. Our combination of excellent service and best terms will provide you and your organization the best cardboard and paper recycling option available.


Cardboard & LDPE Shrink-Wrap Combination Services in Georgia


Many of our customers with larger distribution centers and chains of retail locations produce a significant amount of cardboard, mixed paper and LDPE shrink-wrap. We have the ability to accept these recyclable materials on a single trailer. Since we own our own trailers, we can spot a trailer at your facility that is loaded at your convenience. We can coordinate scheduled pickups or pull the trailer on call to ensure the best service schedule possible for your organization.


If you do not currently have a baler let us discuss the option of installing one of our balers to ensure you are obtaining the highest rates possible for your cardboard recycling, paper recycling, and LDPE shrink-wrap recycling. Many of our clients in Atlanta and the suburbs of Georgia began their cardboard recycling programs with the use of compactor boxes. We have the ability to service this type of approach as well, but when the volume reaches a certain level it makes sense to bale the cardboard on site. This produces a significant value increase for you and typically requires very little operational change. We can also provide Gaylord boxes to collect the LDPE shrink-wrap, which can also be baled and has considerable value.


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