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Green Sense Recycling supports the belief that giving back to our local communities and other charitable organizations is essential to the well being of others and part of a larger responsibility. We host several events each year that generate an atmosphere of community and higher purpose including feeding and educational programs.

Our gratitude for the many blessings we receive extends to all of those that support our business and family of employees. Having the opportunity to reach both local and international groups keeps us grounded in a holistic vision of doing what is right both personally and professionally. We always welcome the opportunity to share our vision of what can be done to provide assistance to others as well as learn about the experience of other charitable providers.


We've been blessed to help our local community recently and welcome all opportunities to talk about how we can collaborate with you to do great things together by combining our business pursuits with philanthropy. Here are a couple of articles highlighting some of the work we have done alongside our business partners:



Green Sense Recycling's Vision and Outreach Programs


Our vision is to always be helping people in need. This includes providing resources domestically as well as abroad. Each year, we identify initiatives where we can lend labor and/or monetary resources to establish a renewed hope that is sustainable for the people we are supporting. The goal is to help these individuals become independent and self-sustaining in the long run.


As our operations grow, so does the extent of our outreach programs. These are just a few of the programs we have supported in the past and currently support:

Lunch programs for local public school students
Thanksgiving Day dinner for local families
Housing assistance for families in Nicaragua
Financial resources for local churches

If you would like to learn more about our outreach and giving plans, please contact us. We always welcome the opportunity to partner with other companies and individuals that are passionate about philanthropy as a way of life.


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