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Paper and cardboard recycling has been a core competency for Green Sense Recycling since the 1980's. We've helped numerous clients recycle cardboard and set up programs for paper recycling across multiple facilities. Our global network of relationships and large volumes allow us to pass along the highest prices and best payment terms.

Having a national presence allows us to provide the highest levels of customer service. Our team can coordinate with you to establish a custom program that fits your specific needs, whether you have one facility or multiple locations. Paper and cardboard recycling can be managed through spotted trailers that are picked up either on schedule or on call, we can live load trailers at your site during pick up, and we can also haul compactor boxes dedicated to cardboard and paper.


Paper Recycling & Cardboard Recycling – What Makes Us Different


The primary differentiators that set us apart from other providers boils down to flexibility, pricing and coverage. Our extensive customer base combined with 35+ years of industry expertise translates to providing you the greatest returns for your recycled cardboard and paper recycling materials. We also have the ability to leverage our national presence to accommodate your specific needs regardless of pick up frequency or type of transportation required. Having multiple truck types and capabilities allows us to service your locations even if they have different requirements. Combining loads of cardboard and LDPE shrink-wrap is also easily accommodated. Ultimately, our programs are designed with your specific needs in mind and customized to be flexible as your paper recycling needs grow over time.


The first step in aligning our capabilities with your business goals is to obtain a clear understanding of your needs and defining an approach that maximizes your returns. The Green Sense Recycling team will assess your current situation and provide options for enhancing your recycling program. Having a clear understanding of your business needs, we will provide a concise proposal that specifies how to best manage your paper recycling program to create maximum success.


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