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Our core focus is straight forward: increasing profitability and decreasing costs. As subject matter experts in the recycling and waste management fields, Green Sense Recycling combines your goals with our expertise to arrive at practical solutions that produce measurable returns. This provides you and your organization greater efficiency, smarter decisions, and more control over your recycling and sustainability initiatives.

Over the years, we have developed strong market relationships that ensure the level of diligence required to produce lucrative results. It’s important to have access to valuable resource and market analysis tools to obtain a detailed understanding of paper, plastic, and metal recycling alternatives. This foundation equates to our mutual success.

Multi-Location Recycling Programs


Having both a national and international footprint for hauling and logistics allows Green Sense Recycling to service your company's needs whether you have one location or multiple locations. Many of our clients have facilities in several states, which requires a comprehensive recycling partner to effectively and efficiently service their needs. We can accommodate single stream recycling pick-up or commingled loads to ensure simplified operations and flexible customer service.
Multiple locations requiring different service schedules and/or multi-state pick up
Various recyclable products that need to be stored and/or shipped together
Large quantities of materials requiring trailers for storage


Advantages We Provide:
National coverage - ability to service all locations/markets
Flexible service capabilities to accommodate recurring or as needed pick up schedules
Ability to service single-stream or multi-stream recyclable materials
Capacity to spot trailers, use your trailer or live load recyclable products on site

Waste Management & Recycling Audit


Our leadership team has an extensive background working in the waste management and recycling industries identifying opportunities to reduce hauling and landfill costs while increasing recyclable revenues. As a result of our expertise, industry connections, and volume of business size, we are able to negotiate the best rates for our customers. We offer a comprehensive waste and recycling audit program to ensure increased efficiency and decreased costs across your locations.
Managing multiple landfills and/or multiple waste and recycling providers
Securing the best rates year over year for each location
Tracking ROI and expenses across a diverse business environment


Advantages We Provide:
Business case analysis to support executive management decision making
Comprehensive recycling market capabilities to support all locations
Extensive relationships with landfills, which provides the lowest commercial rates
Ability to monitor changes at each facility and provide reporting across each location

Recyclable & Scrap Materials Brokering


In today's ever changing climate it is critical to maintain both consistent buying relationships as well as forging new associations with recyclable materials consumers. Green Sense Recycling has over 35 years of business expertise in materials recovery including relationships with domestic and foreign buyers. This ensures the most robust network of buyers offering the highest prices, best terms, and consistent demand providing your business the highest levels of return and efficiency.
Continuously changing market for recyclable products requiring frequent market analysis
Domestic and foreign buyer relationships require regular communication & negotiation
Multiple recyclable material markets necessitate consistent evaluation


Advantages We Provide:
Industry leading network of buyers and sellers to ensure efficient transactions
Continuous market analysis and buyer evaluation to secure consistent demand
High volume supply resulting in premium pricing and aggressive payment terms
Monitoring markets, domestic and foreign, to identify emerging trends and opportunities

Recycling & Sustainability Program Consulting


Establishing and maintaining a thriving sustainability and recycling program requires key subject matter expertise. Whether it's achieving ISO 14001 certification and compliance or building an efficient waste recycling program from the ground up, Green Sense Recycling can provide your team the insight and consulting necessary to achieve success. Let our 35+ years of focused waste reduction and operations expertise drive your program to new heights.
Achieving broad sustainability program goals requires specialized skills
Understanding evolving market trends and requirements is time consuming
Industry best practices are evolving and standards change regularly


Advantages We Provide:
Highly seasoned practitioners that fully understand the sustainability environment
Operational expertise to isolate and recommend efficient business techniques
Extensive experience building and refining sustainability and recycling programs
A formalized process for ISO 14001 certification and program enhancement