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As the recycling industry continues to evolve and mature, Green Sense Recycling is focused on ways we can support our customer's waste recycling initiatives. Whether it's attending industry trade show events, meeting with industry experts and policy makers, or listening to our customer’s evolving objectives, the Green Sense Recycling team is committed to providing the most economical, seamless service possible. Commercial waste recycling is our specialty and providing the highest levels of quality service, whether paper recycling, plastic recycling, or metal recycling, is our commitment. We are the best at what we do because we genuinely care about the business and personal relationships forged each and every day.

We like to share various insights from time to time in the spirit of expressing our passion for waste recycling. We hope you enjoy reading these entries and that they spark ideas for continued innovation across the waste recycling landscape.

Waste Recycling Insights


3.15.2015    Plastic Recyclers Innovate

New product innovations are being sparked and fueled by plastic recyclers and their contributions to sustainability. As the price for virgin materials continues to rise, entrepreneurs and innovators are determining ways to transform scrap plastics into an array of valuable products. Read that label the next time you purchase a shoulder bag, yoga mat, mobile phone case, or dining set and you may find that the product, along with thousands of others, is being manufactured with plastic recycling techniques.

A series of steps are taken to convert what was once being buried in the ground into highly functional products manufactured from plastic recycling. These recycled products are washed, cut/shred/ground, and then woven, molded or mixed to produce the final product. Not only is this good for the environment, manufacturers are discovering ways to produce these goods at lower costs and passing along the savings to consumers in the form of price competitive offerings. Although many plastic materials are being reclaimed and waste recycling is on the rise, including plastic recycling, a considerable amount of materials are currently being buried. Green Sense Recycling is a plastic recycler that works with our clients to identify markets for all of their materials to reduce disposal costs and in most instances generate revenue for their plastic waste recycling initiatives.


12.11.2014    A Non-Binary Vision for Waste Recycling

Although some business decisions are either yes or no, most companies no longer think of recycling in binary terms. It’s not simply a matter of either recycle or don’t recycle. And, it’s typically not a decision to recycle just one material or another. The vast majority of our clients are determining ways to remove as many materials from their waste stream as possible. They want to accomplish this goal in a way that does not require substantial operational changes, training hurdles, and definitely does not impact the efficiency of their business processes.

The low hanging fruit typically is cardboard recycling and mixed paper recycling. For distribution operations, LDPE shrink-wrap recycling is also a highly attractive material to reclaim. In the best case scenario, these materials are baled independently and loaded onto a single trailer for either domestic sale or bound for a foreign market. The more “processing” that is done prior to shipment the greater the valuation of the materials. Processing includes separation by material, separation by grade of material, and bundling. This is where Green Sense Recycling has aided many customers to achieve substantially greater returns for their recyclable products. As a waste recycler specializing in both the markets for purchasing materials as well as the operations associated with waste recycling, we have designed a series of programs that achieve business goals while simultaneously generating the highest rates possible for the recyclable materials. Adding an additional 25% - 40% compensation to the bottom line for these materials can translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars across multiple locations. Talk about success stories that literally pay off!