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Keeping current with industry trends is part of our core business. Whether it's the latest news on alternative uses in plastic recycling, advancements in scrap metal processing, or paper recycling trends, Green Sense is continuously monitoring the waste recycling markets seeking new ways to deliver superior value to our clients.

The following articles represent just a few of the online reports that we have gathered for your reading interest. New information is posted as it becomes accessible. Our team has an extensive repository of offline materials as well. So, if you have questions about the information you see posted here or other topics of interest, give us a call.

Recycling Articles and Links


Plastics recycling reaches new performance level

With the further development of the TVE extruder configuration with the melt filter upstream of the melt degassing extruder section to form the TVEplus technology, even extremely difficult waste materials – including full-surface and multi layer printed packaging films that are increasing in use – can be processed in a single pass to produce high-grade recycled pellets....


USA: More Paper Recycling Recycled in 2009

Among the reports key findings, are that in 2009, 63.4% of US paper consumed was recovered – surpassing AF&PA’s 60% recovery goal three years ahead of schedule....


New Report Projects Global Steel Scrap Market to Reach 631.5 Million Tons by 2015

A new report by the firm Global Industry Analysts Inc. forecasts the global ferrous scrap market to reach 631.5 million tons by 2015. The research group notes that the figure is expected to be driven by the rise in steel production following a lull in steel industry operations due to the global recession....


Recovered Paper Consumption Increases 8% in September

Consumption of recovered paper increased by 8% during September compared to the previous September, according to the American Forest & Paper Association....


Bottling Plant to Use New Technology

An Ontario company is about to become the first water bottler in North America to make 100 per cent recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET). Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a type of plastic typically used for food and non-food products....


What Happens Next to Plastic Packaging

After sending your plastic packaging to the recycling center, what becomes of it? Once it has been recycled, the plastic loses a lot of its strength because of excess material and dirt that gets mixed in. Due to this, manufacturing a new product requires raw material to be mixed with the recycled material to strengthen the plastic....


Green Sense Recycling Paper Recycling Service in Georgia Market Is an Example of National Success

Although Green Sense Recycling is based in the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia, the company's national footprint extends across the United States and Canada working with various chain accounts. The cardboard and paper recycling market in Georgia exemplifies the booming demand for these materials across the country and Green Sense Recycling is poised to help its customers reap the rewards. Georgia Cardboard and Paper Recycling